What We Do

The mission of the City of Greer Geographic Information Systems (GIS) staff is to support the activities of the City of Greer and its citizens by providing and maintaining accurate, current and complete geospatial data. This support will be provided through leveraging the knowledge contained in this information by using a set of procedures and techniques collectively referred to as a Geographic Information System. 

Using the Geographic Information System, the staff provides fast and easy access to accurate digital and hard-copy mapping data, as well as computerized geographic analysis services that will enable the managers and citizens to make decisions impacting the future of the City of Greer in an informed and logical manner.

Furthermore, it is the vision of the GIS Team to see that the utilization of current and emerging GIS technologies be used to benefit the decision making process throughout the City which will result in the improvement of the health, safety, and quality of life of its citizens.

Mapping Information Maintained

The GIS Division maintains/houses the following (but is not limited to) information:

  • Addressing
  • Annexations
  • City Limits
  • Current and Future Land Use
  • Historic Districts and Structures
  • Overlay Districts
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Political Districting
  • Streets
  • Subdivisions/Neighborhoods
  • Zoning