Code Enforcement

Report a Code Concern

To report a code concern, please call 864-801-2041 or use the City’s Greer Connect service.

If you are unsure about a violation, you can read the International Property Maintenance Code.

Code Enforcement Officer Duties

Joe Holbrooks, the City of Greer’s Code Enforcement Officer, has a number of duties:

  • Abates property as necessary
  • As necessary, the code enforcement officer prosecutes violations and testifies in court
  • Inspects property for nuisances to include tall grass, trash, debris, and unsanitary, unhealthy and unsafe conditions
  • Issues citations, notices, condemnations
  • Maintains records, reports, and contact information
  • Performs a variety of inspections on public, commercial, and private property and conducts follow-up inspections as necessary
  • Prepares correspondence outlining city ordinances and code violations
  • Prepares a monthly report documenting activities, violations and case disposition
  • Responds to citizen inquiries and complaints

"Lead Paint- What You Need To Know"

IPMC Checklist 2018

Code Enforcement Fees

Type of Fee
Fee Amount
Condemnation Resulting in Demolition
Structures to Be Secured
Debris Clean-Up
Environmental Clean-Up

Fee for Mowing of Overgrown Lots (During the Same Growing Season)

Fee Amount
First Offense
Second Offense
Third Offense
Fourth Offense