Art Studios

The Greer Center for the Arts is a multi-purpose Arts facility, featuring seven art studios for working artists.


Blaine Owens Headshot

Blaine Owens, Photographer

Blaine Owens was born and raised in Greenville. As a member of the South Carolina Professional Photographer’s Association, he has won multiple awards for both his portrait and his landscape images. Blaine markets his work as wall décor. His work has been purchased by hundreds of homeowners and his images also adorn the walls of several upstate corporations.

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Bakkia Lakshmi Jeyaraman, Painter

Bakkia's artistic journey began in her early childhood when she could first distinguish figures, colors and textures. Since then, art has become part of her communication. Her continuous love towards nature carves her creativity and brings new perspectives to life. She is a self tutored visual artist and a post-graduate engineer and lawyer. She was born in a small affluent town called Karaikudi in Tamil Nadu, India and currently residing in the historic town called Greer in SC, USA.
She is a versatile artist who has not limited her experimentation and exploration to single medium. She mostly creates acrylic painting over the richly textured modeling layer and gives a 3D focal point to her subjects.  Before starting a work, she does a thorough analysis of the subject and try to build a unique expression out of it. Most of her work represents co-existence and interdependence.  She is a strong supporter of sustainable development and nature conservation. 

Bakkia Jeyaraman Headshot
Kim Gilmore Headshot

Kim Gilmore, Painter

In Kim’s artistic journey, as well as in her former work as a psychologist, she has practiced seeing deeply. This is particularly true with respect to the richness of a human face and human gestures engaged in the simple activities of daily life. Kim’s artwork includes scenes from family and community life, often with a hint of antiquity. She seeks to share what she sees as “the story” with honesty and respect, as well as with artistic expression and style. Although her process begins with a freehand drawing, using a paintbrush or a graphite stick, she often finds conceptual and visual inspiration from old black and white photos. Formally trained as an educational psychologist, and following a satisfying career working with young children with developmental delays, she first picked up a paintbrush 16 years ago. With a lifelong desire to paint and with the inspiration of her grandmother, and lifelong artist, Emma Coleman White, Kim began her journey.

Jim Simon, Painter

Jim, a native of Michigan, at the age of 7 moved to Manhasset, Long Island, New York. Working in oils for 10 years, he discovered acrylics and found they had the same workable texture. Although he is a self taught artist, he attended two years at Abbey Art Institute in New York City. His work has been displayed in private collections in New York, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, and South Carolina. His gallery affiliations are The Society of Bluffton Artists, The Hilton Head Art League, and Tryon Painters and Sculptors.
Jim Simon Headshot
Becka Rodgers Headshot

Becka Rodgers, Photographer

Becka is a very different portrait photographer than the kind you may have previously worked with. She feels strongly that the best way to serve her clients is to give them a full-service experience that delivers a finished work of art from their portrait session. She specializes in creating custom artwork for people’s walls, so clients come to her for help decorating their homes with unique and beautiful pieces. She freezes time with her camera and creates one of a kind works that give you goosebumps. The right piece of portrait art can go beyond chronicling a family’s life, to filling a room with personality and warmth, and turning a house into a home. The artwork you create with Becka will outlast the couch it resides above, will be cherished for a lifetime, and passed down for generations.

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Taking Applications for Artist Studios for the Greer Center for the Arts


Become an artist in residence at the Greer Center for the Arts! The City of Greer is currently accepting applications from Upstate artists to lease studio spaces in its arts center. Studio spaces range from 95 to 160 square-feet, are climate controlled and offer 24-hour key card access. Enjoy free Wi-Fi, a rotating on-site exhibit area, access to a breakroom-kitchen and a co-op of artists to work with. Monthly rent ranges from $75 to $145, depending on studio size. Leases are on a 6-month basis. Please email applications to

Application for Artist in Residence