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  1. Amphitheater
  2. Cannon Centre
  3. Event Halls
  4. Gazebo
  5. Picnic Shelters

The Perfect Location for Your Next Event

Looking for a spacious hall in which to host a meeting or reception? Perhaps you are seeking an outdoor venue for a wedding or a birthday party. Whether you are planning a large event or a small gathering, the Events Center at Greer City Hall has the perfect facility to meet your needs.

Facilities Available

The Event Halls, located inside of Greer City Hall, includes meeting and events halls that may be configured to provide from 1,500 to 4,500 square feet of space with state-of-the-art audio-visual capabilities.
Located across the park is the Cannon Centre. Originally the Greer Armory, it was converted into an events space in 2012. The venue has exposed brick walls, large windows, and tall ceilings. It's the perfect space for weddings, birthdays, large meetings, and more!

Outdoor venues include a 500-seat amphitheater, a large picnic shelter adjacent to a playground, and a picturesque gazebo overlooking a pond.

Learn More

For detailed information regarding rental policies, vendor opportunities, events staff, and more, please visit the Events Center Rentals page in the Parks and Recreation section.


  1. City of Greer Events Center - Amphitheater

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  2. City of Greer Events Center - Cannon Centre

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  3. City of Greer Events Center - Event Halls

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  4. City of Greer Events Center - Gazebo

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  5. City of Greer Events Center - Picnic Shelter

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