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301 East Poinsett Street
Greer, S.C. 29651
Phone: (864) 848-2175
Fax: (864) 801-2020

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Steve Grant


Steve Grant
Director of Building and
Development Standards
& City Engineer
(864) 848-2181

The Department of Building and Development Standards exists to provide for the health, safety and welfare of the general public through the equal enforcement of all applicable codes and ordinances of the City of Greer for both the construction industry, mobile home industry, and engineering practices.

The department, located on the first floor of Greer City Hall, serves a variety of functions for the City of Greer including planning, zoning, building and codes, engineering, and stormwater.

Staff are ready to assist with everything you need to know about commercial and residential building codes and permitting, zoning issues, nuisance/abatement, and land development.  The City of Greer’s Planning Commission, Construction Board of Appeals, and Zoning Board of Appeals also operate out of the Building and Development Standards Department.

Building and Development Standards Contacts

    Steve Grant    Director & City Engineer    (864) 848-2181
    Suzanne Lynn    Administrative Assistant    (864) 801-2009
    Hazel Poston    Administrative Clerk    (864) 416-0103
    Glenn Pace    Planning and Zoning Coordinator    (864) 848-5396
    Justin Kirtz    GIS Planner    (864) 879-4307
    Lillian Hanley    Stormwater Engineer    (864) 801-2026
    Anthony Copeland    Stormwater Inspector    (864) 416-0100
    Ruthie Helms    Building Official    (864) 848-5397
    Tommy Freeman    Building Inspector    (864) 848-5398
    Billy Campbell    Building Inspector    (864) 848-2158
    Joe Aughtry    Building Inspector    (864) 416-0093
    Tor Ellstrom    Code Enforcement Officer    (864) 801-2041