Communications Office



Steve Owens

Communications Manager
(864) 416-0121

The City of Greer's Communications Office was established in 2007 when Communications Manager Steve Owens was hired to keep residents, the news media, and visitors aware of city news and programs. A variety of communications methods and media are utilized to accomplish this goal.

The office is responsible for:

Printed Materials
From posters and brochures promoting city events and festivals to the Team Greer Annual Report that follows the accomplishments of all city departments, the Communications Office designs and coordinates the printing of dozens of pieces during the course of the year.

City Website
For many, it's become the norm to check online for news and information.  When seeking information about the City of Greer, is the place to go.  The site was completely redesigned in 2011 with a more user-friendly design and multimedia capabilities.

Social Media
From tweeting on Twitter to friending on Facebook, social media is a great way to keep up with what's happening with the City of Greer.  You can be among the first to learn about news, events, and videos when the Communications office posts to those forums.

Charter Cable Channel 193 / AT&T U-verse Channel 99
City of Greer residents who receive their cable television service through Charter Communications may follow city news and announcements on Channel 15, also known as GTV.  The information is also available to AT&T U-verse subscribers on Channel 99.  An excellent companion to the city website, this informative recording keeps residents aware of important news.

Residents know about the great quality of life in the City of Greer.  Letting those outside the city know about the multitude of business and recreational opportunities in the city helps maintain a strong economy.  We welcome visitors for festivals, events in City Park, and shopping and dining experiences -- everything that makes the City of Greer a great place to live, work, and play.

Media Relations
Because the City of Greer is in "the center of it all" in the Upstate, the news media are always following the city.  From television stations to daily and weekly newspapers, the Communications Office prepares press releases and connects reporters with the proper city contact to make sure the Upstate is informed about what's happening in Greer.

Photography / Videography
The saying goes that "a picture is worth a thousand words," but the City of Greer's natural beauty and scenic streetscapes usually leave people speechless.  The Communications Office seeks to capture and share not only the beauty of the city and its surroundings, but also the energy of civic events and projects through photos and videos.

Internal Communications
The Communications Office works closely with the Human Resources Office to disseminate information to City of Greer employees.  It prepares the quarterly Team Tribune newsletter for city employees to keep them aware of news, events, and information specific to their duties.