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Comprehensive Plan

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City of Greer's Comprehensive Plan

The City of Greer's Comprehensive Plan included such objectives as revitalizing downtown, constructing a new Municipal Complex, and offering more recreational facilities for citizens.

Today, Greer Station is a model for downtown entertainment and commerce with nationally-recognized fine dining establishments and businesses offering everything from professional services to high-quality merchandise.

Greer has a new City Hall -- a modern three-story facility that offers city residents the opportunity to conduct the majority of their business under one roof,  City Hall anchors the east side of Greer Station. Just a few blocks to the west lies a new 37,000-square-foot Police and Municipal Court complex.

The beautiful City Park adjacent to City Hall has become a gathering spot for residents of all ages. With ample green space, a pond and gazebo, picnic shelter and playground, and an amphitheater, it has hosted such events as the 2009 Freedom Blast Festival on July 4, drawing more than 8,000 visitors to the site.  Nearby, Victor Park offers a modern complex with a softball field, multi-purpose gymnasium, and outdoor basketball courts. Just down the road lies the renovated Stevens Field, which has already hosted state tournaments.

Progress in the City of Greer isn't a coincidence. It is the direct result of planning.  What will the City of Greer look like in 2020 -- when 2010's kindergarteners will be in high school?  Will current parks be adequate to serve the population?  Will alternative methods of transportation be necessary within the city?  What challenges and opportunities exist in economic development?

Residents spent more than 18 months defining city needs while working on the City of Greer's 2010 Comprehensive Plan adopted by Greer City Council.


Expectations of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan


To meet the requirements of the 1994 South Carolina Planning Act.


To develop a better working relationship within our infrastructure and other public service providers.


To create a clear vision for the future of our community.


To develop policy recommendations and strategies regarding future growth.


To develop land use goals and policies that can be taken into consideration in addition to the future land use map recommendation in the rezoning decision-making process.


To identify a list of capital improvement projects that can be placed in the city's Capital Improvement Program.


To establish a community-based planning approach for further implementation of the plan.

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Economic Development


Community Facilities

Cultural Resources

Natural Resources


Land Use

Priority Investment

2015 Review Supplement

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of the Comprehensive Plan

(approved by Greer City Council May 10, 2016)