Crime Analysis

     Tamera Ellis                       
The Crime Analysis Unit is assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division of the Greer Police Department.  The unit is responsible for providing detailed and timely crime analysis to command staff, CID, patrol, and city residents.  Residents may need analysis on an area that they are living in, moving to, or working in.  The final analysis is dispersed in the form of bulletins, monthly and bi-weekly reports, pass a longs, and trend reports.  In order to gather the information necessary for these reports the analysts read daily crime reports, officer provided intelligence reports, the current news, and bulletins from other agencies.  If a crime trend is identified the analyst may be able to provide predictions, crime forecasts, or statistics and mapping. 
Please feel free to contact the unit if you have any questions, have important crime information, need analysis or need information on a case they are involved in.  We will be happy to assist you.