Finance Department


David Seifert


Susan Howell


David Seifert
Chief Financial Officer
(864) 848-2185


Susan Howell
Accounting Manager
(864) 416-0090

Residents in the City of Greer pay a premium in the form of city taxes.  For that premium, the city offers back to our citizens premium products in the form of city parks, law enforcement, fire protection, waste removal, and various other services that improve the quality of life for city residents.  

David Seifert, the City of Greer's Director of Finance and Information Technology, ensures that the city's Finance Department works diligently to employ funds received in the most effective and efficient ways possible.

In addition to encompassing Information Technology, the Finance Office handles a number of functions at Greer City Hall.  These include all business license activity, accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll and employee benefits, and front desk administrative clerks.




Nicole Piddington


Lady Munoz
Accounts Payable /
Purchasing Coordinator
(864) 848-5388


Nicole Piddington
Payroll / Accounts Receivable Coordinator
(864) 848-5399

One of the main objectives at the City of Greer is to be a good steward of the people's money by providing cost-effective services to all citizens.  The Finance Department is responsible for maintaining all appropriate accounting records and financial reporting to City Council, the City Administrator, all departments of the city, and the citizens.

Transparency has become a buzzword in American government as taxpayers demand accountability and access to public financial records.

Transparency is also a word that has long driven the City of Greer’s finance department, according to Seifert.

“The public should not have to demand fiscal accountability.  Government operations at every level are made possible by tax dollars, so government entities owe it to the public to make that information both available and easily accessible. That has long been the belief in the City of Greer,” he said.

The city makes a number of financial documents available online, including current and past budgets, current and past audits, monthly financial reports to City Council, and a web dashboard that provides real-time access to both revenues and expenditures for the current fiscal year. The Flash-based page includes access to personnel and operating budgets in every city department, as well as revenue from taxes, permits and fees, grants, and other sources.  Graphs provide a quick “year at a glance” breakdown for both revenues and expenditures.

“It not only provides a window for the public to follow the city’s financial health, but also shows the challenge of projecting revenue and expenditures in a volatile economy,” Seifert said.  “That’s what real fiscal transparency is about.”

View the City of Greer Comprehensive Fee Schedule for a complete listing of Finance Department fees.

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