Hazardous Materials


hazmat signImage courtesy MySafetySign.com      

In the event of an incident involving hazardous materials, the primary objective is to recognize the hazards that exist and to remove the general public from any potential contact.

The City Of Greer Fire Department assists local Hazardous Materials Teams with incidents that occur on roadways and in industry facilities. Necessary actions may include evacuating people from the affected area and protecting the environment from exposure to hazardous materials.

During a hazardous material emergency, the City of Greer Fire Department has three priorities: ensuring the safety of those in the area, incident stabilization, and property conservation. A hazardous material emergency may be as small as a gas leak, or as large as a spill at a local industry.

All of the city's firefighters are trained to handle any type of hazardous material call.  If specialized equipment is required, the city will call a special Hazardous Materials Team from Greenville County to assist in the incident.