Fire Marshal's Office

   Scott Keeley    Carl Howell

Scott Keeley
Deputy Chief, Administration
(864) 848-2169


Carl Howell
Deputy Fire Marshal
(864) 416-0122

The City of Greer Fire Marshal’s Office is responsible for fire code enforcement, investigating fires for origin and cause, and conducting regular inspections to ensure that new and existing structures meet fire code standards.  The goal of the office is to protect the community and its residents from devastating and potentially fatal fires through educational programs and active code enforcement.

The office also oversees the safe transport and use of explosives and liquid petroleum gas, the proper use of fireworks, and ensures safety in special occupancies.

Fire Marshal Scott Keeley and Deputy Fire Marshal Carl Howell, both experienced firefighters, fulfill these duties for the City of Greer.  Although members of the city’s fire department, they work from Greer City Hall in coordination with the Building and Development Standards Department.

They are active members of the South Carolina Fire Marshals Association, which exists:

  • To unite for mutual benefit those public officials and private persons engaged in fire inspection and prevention of fires.

  • To provide for exchange of technical information and developments.

  • To cooperate with other inspection agencies and associations to further fire prevention, fire inspections and life safety protection.

  • To encourage a high professional standard of conduct among fire inspectors and to continually strive to eliminate all factors which interfere with administration of fire prevention, inspections, and life safety protection.

If you need to schedule an inspection or have questions regarding fire codes in your home or place of business, contact either the Fire Marshal or Deputy Fire Marshal and one of them will be glad to assist you.