K9 Units in the Community

Calvary Christian School

Boss and Stryker along with their handlers Officers Williams and Compton visited Calvary
Christian School and met with a great group that asked a bunch of great questions.

 Head Rub Questions 
 Eager Boss Games 

Greer First Baptist

Boss and Officer Williams met with the children at Greer First Baptist Preschool.  

 Questions  Prof Williams

Coast 2 Coast Daycare

Stryker and Officer Compton met with a group of 1st through 3rd graders
as well as a group 4th and 5th graders to talk about being a Police Officer.
 Group  questions  Large Crowd
 Group Compton circled up 
 Prof Compton  puppy kisses

Little Footprints Too Daycare

Boss and Officer Williams (pictured top) met with the 4 year old group who were excited to pet Boss and ask questions. Stryker and Officer Compton (pictured below) met with the 3 year old groups who were just as excited to pet Stryker and climb into a police car.  
Boss   Boss lay down
 Stryker  Stryker

Fairview Baptist Pre-Kindergarten

Stryker and Officer Compton were given a nice welcome at Fairview Baptist Pre-K giving one of our newest officers (Stryker) a chance to meet some of the younger members of our community. 
 StrykerAtEase Fairview Pet
 Big Smile  dialogue

Greer High School Student Parking

Boss Tracks StrykerSchool

Boss Alert