Patrol Division

   Cris Varner

Lt. Cris Varner
Uniform Patrol Supervisor
(864) 848-2197

The Greer Police Department's largest division, the Patrol Division is the most visible within the community and has extensive contact with residents and visitors.  Members are integral in developing and maintaining the philosophy in the community that Policing is a Partnership.

The division is supervised by Lt. Cris Varner.

The City of Greer is divided into four "areas" with a dedicated patrol squad assigned to each.  The Patrol Division also includes the traffic section, Emergency Response Team and K-9 unit.  The patrol squads make up the "first responders" when a request for service is made. Our patrol officers are dedicated to conducting thorough investigations into criminal activity.

In the map below, click the area of Greer in which you reside for a map specific to your area and information about the team that works to secure your home and neighborhood.

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Patrol Areas