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Public Education

Public education is an important part of the City of Greer's Stormwater Management Team's mission.  The more we all learn about the value of protecting our water, the better off we will all be.  Look for a member of the Stormwater Team at such events as Lake Robinson Day and ask them about their work.

The Stormwater Division has produced an activity book for children to help them better understand the challenges facing our water.  You may download a PDF copy of the book below.

Children's Activity Book

The following links will help children and families better understand the importance of storm water management.


The Water Cycle

Parts of the Water Cycle

The Water Cycle: A Guide for Students 

The Ultimate Water Cycle Lesson Page

Learning About the Water Cycle

Water Cycle Placemat

Earth’s Water

After the Storm:

A Video Co-Produced by
EPA and The Weather Channel

Lake Robinson Day of Celebration

2016 Day of Celebration Video

2012 Lake Robinson Day


2013 Lake Robinson Day

Discover Water

What's Up With Our Water?

Masterbug Theater

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Word Search Puzzle

Swimming Pool Discharges

Stop Pointless Personal Pollution

Whatzzzup Stream?

Join a Stream Team

 Water Quality Speaker Series

Pesticide Regulation in South Carolina

S.C. Fish Consumption Advisories

Fish Kids (games and education)