Rapid Intervention Team

For anyone trapped in a burning structure, a firefighter can be a lifeline to survival.  When a firefighter finds himself trapped or disoriented in a blaze, the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT) is his key to survival.

The RIT may be deployed to carry out two basic types of operation:

  • The search for and removal of lost or disoriented firefighters

  • The extrication and removal of one or more injured firefighters

A team is formed when personnel are operating where an actual or possible respiratory, entanglement/entrapment, and/or thermal hazard exists.  If a firefighter is in trouble, it is often the team's specialized training and equipment that is needed to save him.

Initial Rapid Intervention Team (IRIT)

Two (2) members of the second or third arriving company who are assigned for the rapid deployment to rescue lost or trapped members.

Rapid Intervention Team (RIT)

A dedicated team of four (3) personnel who are assigned to rescue trapped or lost members. They report directly to the Incident Commander (IC) or Operations Chief (OC)