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City crews are called on to assist with cleanup
Two weeks after Hurricane Matthew battered the South Carolina coast with high winds and rainfall that caused widespread flooding, the extent of the damage is still being revealed.
In an effort to remove debris caused by the storm, officials from the Town of Mount Pleasant  requested assistance from the City of Greer under a mutual aid agreement the municipalities made a decade ago.

“This is the first time either Mount Pleasant or Greer has requested assistance under the agreement. It provides peace of mind knowing that there are others with the skills and equipment ready to help in a time of need,” Greer City Administrator Ed Driggers said. “Matthew was a historic storm that devastated our coast. We know that Greer could just as easily bear the brunt of a historic ice storm this winter.”

The City of Greer dispatched a pair of two-man crews and equipment from its Public Services Department to Mount Pleasant on Monday morning. The crews will work through Saturday clearing debris and will return to Greer on Sunday, Oct. 30. At that time, Mount Pleasant officials will determine if additional assistance will be required.

Under the terms of the reciprocal agreement, the Town of Mount Pleasant will reimburse the City of Greer for the crews’ expenses.