2016 annual report

Protect your investment by using a licensed contractor
When a hailstorm blows through the City of Greer, it’s a sure bet that contractors will follow with a promise of fast and affordable repairs to damaged homes. City of Greer Building Official Ruthie Helms cautions local homeowners to protect their investments by using only licensed contractors to repair hail damage.

Contractors are required to be licensed not only by the state but also by the city in which they are conducting repairs. It is the contractor’s obligation to obtain permits prior to beginning any work to replace or repair roof or siding damage.

“All work requires city inspectors to verify the work meets building codes and is being performed by the person listed on the permit,” Helms said. “Permits are a way of protecting a homeowner’s investment. Failure to use licensed contractors may result in their inability to file a future claim for any problems with the installation of the work.”

Homes and vehicles suffered the brunt of damage March 21 as large hail pounded Greer during late afternoon and evening storms.

Helms said proper permits hold contractors accountable for their work and a required inspection by the city prior to payment of the final invoice ensures the work meets code requirements.

The permit, a bright yellow card to be placed in the front window or storm door of the home, confirms that a properly licensed contractor is performing the work and that a permit for the work has been issued.