The City of Greer requires a permit for roof replacement. The permit allows us to verify that the contractor is properly licensed and protects the business owner should they have any problems with the workmanship in the future.

  • Please log into eTrakit and apply for a Building Commercial Reroof permit.
  • Zoning approval may be required for historical buildings.
  • The Building Official may require an Engineer’s Report on any roof that may be overloaded or saturated.
  • The contractor needs to identify the type of roofing material used.
  • LLR requires that the contractor hold a General Contractors license with either a BD (Building), GR (General Roofing) or SR (Specialty Roofing) depending on the material being used and the contract amount.
  • Final Inspections are required.
  • The value of work is based on the fair market value for labor and materials.
  • Please note: The City of Greer has the right to request a copy of your contract with the customer.