Solar Panels

What Is Required for the Permit Application

  • Please go to eTrakit and apply for a plan review permit. Once your plans are approved, you will receive an email to apply for the Building Commercial Solar Panel permit. You will also need to have your electrician apply for the electrical permit before we can release the building permit.
  • Please see the requirements for permitting below.
  • Site plans for freestanding solar panels.
  • A structural analysis of the building showing that the building can support the proposed load must be submitted by a SC. licensed engineer who has visited the site. The letter must be signed and sealed.
  • A dimensional plan view of the proposed panel array.
  • A three-line electrical drawing including all the components that were submitted to the local power company for approval.
  • All components used shall be listed and labeled in accordance with U.L listings.
  • Maximum voltage and circuit sizing must be in accordance with NEC 690.7 and NEC 690.8.
  • The locations of DC/AC inverter, rapid shut down, AC disconnect, main service entrance, electrical panel box and meter must be identified on a directory per NEC 705.10.
  • Label identification that will be used for equipment, devices and conduit.
  • An approval letter from the utility provider.
  • The make and model number of the racking system for the arrays, along with the installation instructions.
  • Manufacture specification sheets for the equipment that will be used.

Inspection Checklist for Roof Mounted Arrays

  • Module model numbers match the plans and specification sheets.
  • PV conductors are compliant with their application.
  • Wires are secured neatly and professionally secured.
  • PV array is properly grounded.
  • Electrical boxes are accessible and connections used are suitable for their environment.
  • Correct conduit is used for their application.
  • Access to attic to verify anchorage to truss / rafter system.
  • Back feeding breaker to panel listed.

Inspection Checklist for Ground Mounted Arrays

  • Verify footings before concrete is installed.
  • Check mounting array for correct attachment.
  • Check electrical bonding of structural elements.
  • Ensure wiring is protected from accessibility.
  • Additional array electrode.
  • Back feeding breaker to panel listed.

Appropriate Signage Installation

  • Check that signage has been made from a suitable material per NEC 110.21(B).
  • Check for Rapid Shut Down label.
  • Check for Photovoltaic Power Source labels that are required on every junction box and exposed raceways labeled every 10 feet and 1 foot from bends and penetrations.
  • Check for Directory per NEC 705.10.
  • Check for Inverter label.
  • Check for Disconnecting Means label.
  • Check panel for Inverter Output Connection labels.
  • Check other labels that may be required.

Checking Ratings & Equipment on Site

  • Verify that the components used are consistent with what has been submitted and approved.
  • Verify that wiring is consistent with the three-line drawing that was approved.
  • Check inverter for max voltage rating for PV power source side.
  • Check that the Over Current Protection Devices (OCPDs) on the DC side are rated to handle the supply from the PV supply side.
  • Check that the switches and OCPDs are installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Check that the inverter is rated for the site’s AC voltage supplied.