Storage Building or Shed

Built on Site (Not Prefab)

  • Please go to eTrakit and apply for a Building Residential Storage Building permit. The contractor constructing or setting up the building must apply for the permit.
  • Provide a plan showing the proposed building, the size and location of all buildings on the lot and the distance between each structure and the property lines.
  • If a homeowner is constructing the building, they can apply for the permit but must complete a Homeowner’s Disclosure Form, file it with the corresponding county office and provide proof of primary residency (i.e. driver’s license showing that address and a copy of a utility bill).
  • The value of work is based on fair market value for labor and materials.
  • All buildings should be anchored. If permitted, inspections are required.
  • Foundations are required for buildings larger than 400 square feet.
  • If the building is under 200 square feet, only the zoning fee will be charged.

Prefab Storage Buildings / Carports / Sheds

  • All the requirements for the on-site storage buildings apply.
  • Prefab Metal Carports and Storage Buildings will require submittals of plans and specifications that are signed and sealed by a SC Engineer. These plans should include details of the foundation, anchoring requirements and framing details that meet our wind zone (115 miles per hour) and snow loads (10 pounds).
  • LLR requires a Residential Builder or General Contractor with a BD (building) classification to obtain the permit. A Specialty Contractor may apply but only if they have the classifications of Carpentry, Masonry and Roofing and the total cost cannot exceed $5,000 or their bonded amount. If the proposed work requires additional trades (i.e. electrical), a Residential Builder or General Contractor will be required as Specialty Contractors cannot subcontract and are only allowed to register for three trades.
  • The value of work is based on fair market value for labor and materials.
  • Please Note: If the building is pre-fab and has an enclosed roof or walls, the State of SC will consider this to be a “Modular Building” and we will need the verification that the manufacturer has met the requirements of the SC Modular Building Office.