Swimming Pool & Spa

Code Definition for Swimming Pools

Any structure intended for swimming or recreational bathing that contains water more than 24 inches deep. This includes in-ground, above ground and on-ground swimming pools, hot tubs and spas. All pools installed indoors require permits no matter what the depth. (R105 and Chapter 42 IRC)

  • Swimming Pool Permit Application (PDF)
  • Electrical Permit Application (PDF) must be issued to a licensed Electrical Contractor for pool bonding and wiring.
  • If a pool heater is installed, a licensed Mechanical Contractor must obtain a Mechanical Permit (PDF).
  • Provide a drawing showing the location of the pool in relation to the property lines and how the pool will be secured by a protective barrier. No water is allowed in the pool until barrier is provided.
  • The Swimming Pool Permit Application indicates the required setbacks. Please note that a corner lot must be addressed.
  • Barrier (Fence) Requirements- Will be covered in the plan review process as well as entrapment protection.
  • LLR does not require a license for a company to install a residential pool. If the pool is installed at apartments or a neighborhood, it will be considered a commercial pool and will need a General Contractors license with a SP (Swimming Pool) classification.
  • The contractor must call for a Pool Bonding inspection; setbacks will be checked at this time. A final inspection will be required.