Code Enforcement

Report a Code Concern

To report a code concern, please call 864-848-2175.

If you are unsure about a violation, you can read the International Property Maintenance Code.

To view an online interactive dashboard displaying all open code violation cases, click here.

Code Enforcement Officer Duties

Joe Holbrooks, the City of Greer’s Code Enforcement Officer, has a number of duties:

  • Abates property as necessary
  • As necessary, the code enforcement officer prosecutes violations and testifies in court
  • Inspects property for nuisances to include tall grass, trash, debris, and unsanitary, unhealthy and unsafe conditions
  • Issues citations, notices, condemnations
  • Maintains records, reports, and contact information
  • Performs a variety of inspections on public, commercial, and private property and conducts follow-up inspections as necessary
  • Prepares correspondence outlining city ordinances and code violations
  • Prepares a monthly report documenting activities, violations and case disposition
  • Responds to citizen inquiries and complaints

"Lead Paint- What You Need To Know"

IPMC Checklist 2018

Code Enforcement Fees

Type of Fee
Fee Amount
Condemnation Resulting in Demolition
Structures to Be Secured
Debris Clean-Up
Environmental Clean-Up

Fee for Mowing of Overgrown Lots (During the Same Growing Season)

Fee Amount
First Offense
Second Offense
Third Offense
Fourth Offense