Medical First Responder

The City of Greer Fire Department's personnel are trained to the Emergency Medical Technician level. Firefighters respond to any report of a medical emergency within the Department's 25-square-mile service area.


Personnel are licensed by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control as Rapid Responders at the Intermediate level. Services rendered by the department’s personnel include basic medical treatment, cardiac treatment with automatic external defibrillation, and IV administration.

Why do fire trucks respond to medical calls? 

When a person suffering from a medical illness calls 911, EMS dispatches an ambulance to the call. Often EMS has a 10 to 12 minute response time. Did you know that the fire department usually arrives on scene within 4 to 5 minutes of complainant calling 911. Thus rendering medical care faster to a patient in need, and providing life saving interventions such as Epi Administration, Narcan and early defibrillation. All of this improves the patients chance of survival. 

First Responders Carrying a Person on a Stretcher