BMW Visitors Center & Performance Driving School

BMW Visitors Center

Want to get up close and personal to one of the world's great automobiles? How about taking a look at one before the engine is installed and the tires go on? Or even before the chassis is painted? All of that happens at the BMW plant tour a short drive from Greer's city center.

Extensive guided tours of the United States' only BMW manufacturing plant begin at the Zentrum Museum, which offers displays and multimedia presentations on the international automaker weekdays from 9:30 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. There is a fee for tours. Admission to the Zentrum is free.

BMW Performance Center

BMW possesses such a profound belief in high-performance driving - and the driver's right to experience every heart-pounding moment of it - that the company invested $12 million to create the BMW Performance Center.

The center is home of the BMW Performance Driving School Delivery Center and BMW Motorcycle Rider Training. Its staff equips attendees with the skills necessary to enjoy the ultimate driving experience time and time again. Thanks to its fleet of the latest BMW models, a team of BMW Driver Training Instructors and a challenging mix of low- and high-speed driving exercises, it will help you become a confident, safe and enthusiastic driver.

BMW Visitors Center
Red Car Driving on a Track

Whether you've been driving for decades, have just received your learner's permit, or just out to push a vehicle to its limits, the different driving programs will help make you a safer, stronger and more confident driver. And while BMW ownership is not required, a passion for spirited driving is.