Flag Football

Program Director 

Phil Hembree
Email - Phembree@cityofgreer.org
Phone - 864-416-0111

UPDATED - 2022 Fall Schedules are now online!  At the end of each regular season, teams will compete in the "TFT".   The Football Tournament.  Teams will be seeded out according to how they performed in the regular season.  PLEASE NOTE that we cannot post playoff brackets until the regular season is complete.  Please be ready for a quick turnaround after your last regular season game!

2022 "TFT" Fall Playoff Brackets UPDATED 10/3/2022
Top 4 in JV will go GOLD BRACKET
Bottom 4 in JV will go SILVER BRACKET

Termite Division Playoff Bracket <--CLICK HERE
Seed 1 Greer Lions - 2022 Termite Champions!
Seed 2 Greer Rams - Eliminated
Seed 3 Greer Bucs - Eliminated
Seed 4 Greer Seahawks - Eliminated
Seed 5 Greer Steelers - Eliminated
Seed 6 Greer Bengals - Eliminated

Junior Varsity GOLD DIVISION Playoff Bracket <-- CLICK HERE
Seed 1 Greer Lions - 2022 JV Gold Champions!
Seed 2 Greer Bills - Eliminated
Seed 3 Greer Bucs - Eliminated 
Seed 4 Greer Vikings - Eliminated

Junior Varsity SILVER DIVISION Playoff Bracket <--CLICK HERE
Seed 1 Greer Seahawks - 2022 JV Silver Champions!
Seed 2 Greer Broncos - Eliminated
Seed 3 Greer Bengals - Eliminated
Seed 4 Greer Steelers - Eliminated

Varsity Division Playoff Bracket <--CLICK HERE COMPLETED
Seed 1 Greer Bills - 2022 Varsity Champions
Seed 2 Greer Broncos - Eliminated
Seed 3 Greer Rams - Eliminated
Seed 4 Greer Giants - Eliminated

Junior Varsity Division Playoff Bracket <--UPDATING
Termite Division Playoff Bracket <--UPDATING

Regular Season Schedules and Online Registration BELOW
Online Schedules <- Please click here
Online Registration <- Please click here

Flag football

Fall 2022 Registration Information

City of Greer Residents - Monday June 6th through Friday, July 15th
Non Resident - Monday, June 13th through Friday July 15th

Greer Flag Football

Flag football is a fall program offered by the City of Greer Parks, Recreation & Tourism department for ages 4 through 12. Registration takes place throughout the month of May and June. Our season typically mirrors the tackle football schedule in that we begin practice in August and run league games in September and October. 

League Address for games and practice:
Country Club Park - 2501 Country Club Road, Greer, SC 29651.

Game days and practices will be hosted at either of those 2 sites throughout the week (no Saturday play). Flag program is part of the NFL FLAG Football umbrella; each flag team will be a different NFL team. Greer Panthers, Greer 49ers, Greer Falcons, etc.


Registration for the season is $75 for City residents and $95 for non-residents, which includes jersey, shorts, and flags, supplemental insurance, official/booking fees, trophies, and materials to operate the league.

Greer P&R NFL Flag 7 v 7 Playoff Schedules - Fall 2021 

2021 Varsity Champions - Greer Jaguars 
2021 Junior Varsity Champions - Greer Chiefs
2021 Termite Champions - Greer 49ers

Congratulations to our Championship teams this season!  Congratulations to all of our teams who competed hard all season.  

Age Group
League age date
Age Pairings
6U Termites Determined by 9/1
4-5-6 year olds 
9U Junior Varsity Determined by 9/1
7-8-9 year olds 
12U Varsity Determined by 9/1 10-11-12 year olds 
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