About Us

From administering the City of Greer’s Street Paving and Stormwater programs to repairing damaged storm drains and cleaning up after the city’s many festivals, members of the City of Greer Public Services Department are the ones who quietly make sure the city runs - and looks - its best every day.

The department includes Engineering, Stormwater, Road & Solid Waste Maintenance and City Fleet Maintenance divisions. It plays a key role in the city’s visibility - without its members being particularly visible themselves. You’re certain to spot them from time to time - plowing snow and ice from streets or decorating the city for Christmas - but many of the tasks that fall under the department’s responsibility are accomplished quietly and without fanfare.


The Public Services Department is responsible for all activities of the Street Paving and Drainage Maintenance Program, Stormwater and MS4 Permit, Residential Solid Waste Collection, yard waste and loose leaf removal, and the recycling program. On a daily basis, you can find staff: 

  • Reviewing plans to ensure compliance with the City of Greer’s development standards and stormwater regulations.
  • Installing street signs.
  • Filling potholes.
  • Repairing curbs, storm drains, and sidewalks.
  • Maintaining public rights-of-way and municipal cemeteries.


View the City of Greer Comprehensive Fee Schedule for a complete listing of Public Services Department fees.