Greer Idol

Greer Idol, established in 2007, is a singing competition open to vocalists in Upstate South Carolina. In previous years, the competition was held in conjunction with Tunes in the Park (formerly Tunes on Trade), along with Greer Idol Teen and Greer Idol Junior. This year, Greer Idol Jr. was held entirely online. Videos of the performances premiered on the Tunes in the Park Facebook page at 6:30 PM on Thursday nights through August 13, 2020. Stay tuned for information on how to audition for Greer Idol 2021.
Ava Hisker Greer Idol Jr Winner

Greer Idol Past Winners

2007 - Jennifer Johnson

2008 - Graydon Tomlinson

2009 - Nicholas Bishop

2010 - Brittany Blackwell (Greer Idol) and Brionah Pride (Greer Idol Teen)

2011 - Dana Jordan

2012 - Ryan Wilson (Greer Idol) and Megan Watts (Greer Idol Teen)

2013 - Kieffer Mendoza (Greer Idol) Kody Young (Greer Idol Teen)

2014 - Josh Jordan (Greer Idol) and Keddy Mendoza (Greer Idol Teen)

2015 - Felicia Owens (Greer Idol) and Roni Teems (Greer Idol Teen)

2016 - Olivia Wells

2018 - Tim Morgan

2019 - Kendall Lanford (Greer Idol) and Brady Green (Greer Idol Jr)

2020 - Ava Hisker (Greer Idol Jr)