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About Kids Planet

Many children consider television and video games their recreation. Greer wanted to encourage its citizens to "Get Outside and Play!" The result was a play area that has served as the model for preteen recreational areas across the Upstate.

Initial Construction

In 1998, a planning team of 25 community volunteers worked under the leadership of the architectural firm of Leathers and Associates of Ithaca, New York, to design and plan a fantastic playground. It took one year of raising funds, tweaking designs, amassing volunteers, buying lumber and securing tools to literally build the structure from the ground up. It was a moving sight when more than 3,000 volunteers from all walks of life came to build the playground in nine days in March of 1999.

Addition of Second Play Structure

The play structure was an immediate success as hundreds poured into it daily. But the planning team encountered another challenge within six months of the opening - designing and building a second play structure for younger children. With the help of community volunteers, these hands-on experts and the architectural firm of Learning Structures of Strafford, New Hampshire, they dreamed up every aspect of this unique playground.

The construction of the accessible playground provided a second project for the community, and again it answered the call. More than 700 volunteers built the playground in just five days in October of 2001. This playground continues to draw families from across the Upstate.

Community Benefit

Kids Planet benefits children by giving them a free, safe haven to run, jump, laugh and play heartily. It also is a place where all members of the community can come together to share smiles and laughter.

Kids Planet Playground Rules

  • Kids Planet is open from dawn to dusk. Greer Police will walk through at night to make sure the facility is vacant.
  • All children should be accompanied by an adult. Please supervise children as they play.
  • Equipment is designed for ages 2 to 12 years old. The safety rating of the equipment does not apply to children outside these ages.
  • All helmets, drawstrings or accessories must be removed prior to entering playground area.
  • No skates, bikes, hoverboards or scooters are allowed.
  • Warning: Play surfaces may become hot during warmer weather.
  • No pets are allowed inside Kids Planet at any time.
  • No glass is allowed on the playground.
  • Food or drink must be consumed outside the play areas.
  • Shoes are required.
  • Keep mulch in its place and off slides and decks.
  • Baseball cleats are not to be worn on the slides.
  • Please dispose of trash in proper receptacles.
  • There is no smoking inside the playground. Dispose of cigarette butts in trash receptacles.

Adults are responsible for setting a good example and for making sure all children obey these rules. Please leave Kids Planet cleaner than when you arrived.

Police Jurisdiction

Kids Planet is under Greer Police jurisdiction. If you see someone behaving in an unacceptable manner, do not hesitate to call Greer Police Dispatch at 911 (emergency) or 864-848-2151 (non-emergency, but action needed). Feedback on Kids Planet is always welcomed by the Greer Parks and Recreation Department at 864-848-2190.

Kids Planet Pavilion Rentals

Whether it is for a family gathering or a birthday party, a Kids Planet pavilion is the perfect location for your event. Pavilions may be rented for two-hour time periods between March and October for as little as $15 per small pavilion (with two tables to accommodate as many as 15 people) and $25 per large pavilion (with four wheelchair accessible tables to accommodate as many as 40 people).

Reservations are not required from November through February, when pavilions are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Making a Reservation

To reserve a pavilion at Kids Planet, please complete the Kids Planet Reservation Form and submit it to:

City of Greer Parks and Recreation Operations Center
446 Pennsylvania Avenue
Greer, SC 29650

Payment (cash, check, credit card, debit card, or money order) is required before any reservation request will be completed. All reservations/payments must be completed Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., before your reservation is confirmed. (Office is closed on Holidays)

More Information

For more information, please contact: