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Eggtastic Easter Event

  1. Eggtastic Easter Event Food Vendor Application

    City of Greer Eggtastic Easter Event

    Saturday, April 1, 2023



    Before completing this application, you need the following items:

    1. Photos of your booth, cart, or food truck
     2. Proof of Insurance
     3. Proposed menu items and cost per item

    4. Proof of City of Greer Business License. Please contact Heather Towner at or 864-968-7024   

    Thank you for your interest in vending opportunities. The City of Greer hosts a variety of festivals and events throughout the year in which we select food and non-profit vendors. The City of Greer is dedicated to the support of local vendors who offer local products and services.

    Food Vendor Opportunities

    • Vendors who participated in last years festival will be given automatic acceptance into current years festival.
    • Vendors must supply their own tent, tables, and chairs. 
    • Power is not available, and all vendors must be self-sufficient.
    • Priority is given to vendors serving authentic food specific to the event.
    • Duplicate products may be denied entry. In the case of duplicate items, the grading criteria is as follows: food authenticity, level of innovative products and menu items, City of Greer status, booth appearance, and value of products and services.
    • To better serve our community, the City of Greer requires all food vendors must operate in accordance with SC DHEC Regulation 61-25.
    • All food trucks must meet the 2018 International Fire Code section 319 and must be inspected yearly by City of Greer officials. To complete your inspection, please call Fire Marshal, Scott Keeley at 864-848-2169 or
  2. All menu items and prices must be submitted to Events Division at time of application submittal. The City of Greer Events Division will review ALL menus to limit duplication among participating food vendors. Only the items submitted on the application may be sold unless approval is given by Events Division

  3. Booth Type*
  4. Policies and Procedures
      • Vendors who participate in previous years festival will be given first preference in current years festival.
      • Application, $50 vendor fee, and copy of insurance must be received no later than 5:00pm on March 31, 2023 to be considered.
      • Please mail vendor fee check to Greer Parks, Recreation & Tourism, Attn: Recreation Division, 446 Pennsylvania Ave., Greer SC 29651.
      • Applications will be reviewed and approved by the City of Greer Recreation Division. All decisions are at the discretion of the Events Staff.
      • All food vendors are required to show proof of City of Greer Business License. 
      • Completing application and purchase of business license does not guarantee acceptance into festival.
    • The City of Greer Eggtastic Easter Event is operated in accordance with the statutes of the City of Greer. The following are many of the important terms and conditions governing the leasing of facilities for the purpose of exhibiting and serving at Greer City Park. Please let us know if you have any questions once you have read over the information.
    • Vendors must supply the City of Greer with a certificate of general liability insurance listing the City of Greer as an additional insured for the event date. Any vendor not supplying this document will not be permitted to participate in the event. Coverage must be at least $1,000,000 general aggregate and $500,000 each occurrence. This must be turned in with application
    • Vehicle Access
      • A vehicle should NEVER be driven onto the grass until the Recreation Staff has officially opened the festival entrance to vehicles after the event has ended.
    • Clean-up
      • Vendors are responsible for leaving their area free of garbage and are responsible for cleanup of any spills. Failure to follow this policy will give the City of Greer the right to prohibit vendor from selling at any future events.
      • Vendors are responsible to use the proper tools (tarp/tub) to prevent vehicle oil from dripping onto grass.

    The rain date for the Eggtastic Easter Event will be determined by the Recreation Division.


     •    The selling of alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited.

    • All Vendors will get to keep 100% of all profits.
    • All vendors must be prepared to process payments independently (cash, credit/debit, PayPal, Venmo, ect.) and must pay relevant state and local taxes for the sale of merchandise during the event.
    • Vendors must provide their own cash boxes. Vendors are responsible for collecting and safeguarding all money. The City of Greer is not responsible for any lost or stolen money. 
    • Items brought on site are done so at the sole risk of the vendor. The City of Greer is not responsible for any loss, damage, or destruction of personal property, equipment, and/or valuables.
    • Behavior by vendors, their family members or employees that is disruptive, abusive or threatening towards other members, the public, or staff members is prohibited. Behavior that is verbally or physically abusive, dangerous, or disruptive to Event activities also will not be tolerated, and may result in immediate termination or the vendors selling rights. 
    • Vendor will be held responsible for any and all damage that occurs to City property either by vendor, staff of vendor, or vehicle of vendor.
    • Foul or offensive language will not be tolerated at the event. Repeated violation may result in suspension from any future events at the City of Greer.
    • No open alcoholic beverages or firearms may be brought onto state property. Vendors and the vendors’ associates are not permitted to be intoxicated on site.
    • Vendors may not sell or offer any products or literature deemed offensive, or which may incite violence, crime, or disorderly conduct, or promote political viewpoints.
    • Smoking will only be permitted in festival designated smoking areas. 
    • Vendors are responsible for their children and guests at all times.
    • Vendor animals may not be present at this event at any time.
  14. Vendor Agreement
    1. I, the undersigned, have read all of the above guidelines governing the Greer City Park and agree to adhere to the rules that are outlined within it.
    2. I agree that everyone working in my booth will also read and adhere to the guidelines.
    3. I understand that the Events Staff reserves the right to limit or discontinue the participation of a vendor at any time.
    4. The vendor(s) agree to indemnify and hold harmless the City of Greer and its agents and employees from any and all claims or lawsuits for damages or injuries of any kind or nature which occur as a result of or arising out of the use of city property by the vendor(s) and the guest of the vendor(s) pursuant to this agreement
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