The Local Hospitality Tax is a 2% fee imposed by the City of Greer on sales of all prepared meals and beverages including alcoholic beverages, beer and wine sold in establishments in the city limits of Greer.

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Who pays the 2% Hospitality Tax on prepared or modified foods & beverages?

  • Restaurants - all food and beverage sales.

  • Convenience Stores, Grocery Stores & other food service facilities - all food and/or beverage sales prepared or modified as a meal for immediate consumption. Some examples would be prepared sandwiches, salads, fountain drinks, and vegetable trays.

  • Mobile Food Trucks - all food and beverage sales

Who collects and remits the Hospitality Tax?

The food and/or drink provider shall collect the Hospitality Tax from the consumer, the tax should be paid by the consumer at the time of deliver of the service to which the tax applies. The provider of the service shall remit the Hospitality Tax collected to the City of Greer when due.

When are the Hospitality Taxes due?

Remittance forms and payments must be paid or postmarked by the 20th day of the month following the closing of the reporting period. Example - taxes collected for January must be paid or postmarked by February 20th.

If the 20th of any month falls on a Saturday, Sunday or postal service holiday, then remittance paid or postmarked on the next business day will be accepted as timely.

A 5% penalty per month or portion there of is due after the due date until paid in full.

How often are Hospitality Taxes remitted?

Taxes are remitted to the City of Greer based on the estimated average tax:

  • Monthly - when the estimated average tax is more that fifty ($50) dollars per month. The closing for monthly payments if the last day of the month.

  • Quarterly - when the estimated average tax is twenty five ($25) dollars to fifty ($50) per month. The closing date for quarterly payments are the last days of the months of March, June, September and December.

  • Annually - when the estimated average tax is twenty five ($25) dollars per month or less. The closing date for annual payments is the last day of December.

How can you make payments?

  • Email the Hospitality Reporting Form along with the Credit Card Authorization form to

  • Mail payments to Business Office at 301 E Poinsett St, Greer SC 29651

  • Visit us at City Hall, we are located at 301 E Poinsett St, Greer SC 29651 and we are open Monday thru Friday 8-5, excluding holidays. We also have a drop box located at City Hall, the box is checked daily Monday thru Friday.

Service Fee Notice

There will be a service fee of an amount up to 3% of the total amount due on all debit and credit card transactions. The processing fee is assessed by a third party and is not collected by the City of Greer.

The City of Greer also accepts check or cash payments.

Please contact your local DHEC office to verify what permits you will need, below is a link to the DHEC exemptions!

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If you have any questions regarding Hospitality Taxes please contact the Business License Division at 864-968-7045.