Mobile Food Units

What is considered a mobile food unit? Food trucks, food markets, food trailers, food carts and ice cream trucks, enclosed or not.

All vendors must have the following:

  • Valid Business License

  • SC DHEC Permit (if required)

  • Vehicle Registration (if required)

  • Liability Insurance

  • Mobile Food Vendor Permit issued by the City of Greer Fire Marshalls

  • SLED Catch not more than thirty (30) days old

  • SC Retail License

Need a Mobile Food vendor?

Check out the list of Approved Mobile Food Units!

Do you need an inspection from the Fire Marshall to get a Mobile Food Vendor Permit?

Yes! All mobile food units are required to be inspected by the Fire Marshall regardless of the type of mobile food unit you have.

Each Mobile Food Vendor Permit is $25.00.

Please remember to have the following in the mobile food unit:

  • Fire extinguisher(s)

  • Carbon Monoxide/Explosive Gas Detector

To schedule an inspection please contact Heather Towner.


Interested in participating in a City event? Contact our Events Division for more information!

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Q: Can I park my mobile food unit on City property?

A: No, you must be part of an event that the City hosts to be on City property. You can check out our Events Page here!

Q: Can I park my mobile food unit overnight?

A: No, you cannot park your mobile food unit overnight on public or private property. Per SC DHEC, mobile food units shall return to the commissary after each day of operation and shall be stored onsite at the commissary.

A: Do I need permission to park on private property?

Q: Yes, each mobile food unit must obtain written permission from the property owner or authorized agent.

For more information regarding mobile food units, please see our Mobile Food Unit Guidelines.

Are mobile food units required to pay Hospitality Taxes?

Yes! All mobile food units are required to pay Hospitality Taxes on all prepared food and beverages!

Service Fee Notice:

There will be a service fee of an amount up to 3% of the total amount due on all debit and credit card transactions. The processing fee is assessed by a third party and is not collected by the City of Greer.

The City of Greer also accepts check or cash payments.

Note: DHEC may exempt a mobile food vendor from obtaining a permit for certain prepared foods, however that does not mean that you are exempt from Hospitality Taxes.

Useful information provided by DHEC, food safety is so important!