Animal Regulations


  1. All dogs within the city limits must be on a leash held by a person.

  2. For the safety of both humans and animals, pets (other than service animals)
    are not permitted at events in the city or at a city park during organized play
    or practice.

  3. No dog shall be licensed by the city unless and until adequate proof is
    furnished showing the dog is currently vaccinated against rabies.


Unless the pet is on its owner’s private property, the owner or other person having control or supervision of an animal must remove promptly all feces left by the animal on any: 

  • Parking lot

  • Public park

  • School ground or on private property

  • Sidewalk

  • Street

Feces may not be deposited in sewers or drains, whether storm or sanitary, but must be bagged and placed in a proper garbage receptacle established for public use or belonging to the owner of the animal.

Additional Information

For complete animal regulations, please consult Chapter 10 under the City of Greer Code of Laws.