Citizens Academy Alumni Association

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Welcome to the online home of the Greer Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association (GPCAAA). This organization was founded by graduates of the Greer Police Department's Citizens Academy to provide assistance to the department and to promote the Citizens Academy in the community.

Citizens who have graduated the Citizens Police Academy are offered membership in the Alumni Association, which is registered with the NCPAA (National Citizens Police Academy Alumni). Members are dedicated to serving the community through volunteer efforts. They are present at many City of Greer and Chamber of Commerce events.

GPCAAA members have completed the annual Greer Citizens Police Academy for adults. That intensive 12-week program provides an immersive look into the local department’s divisions and daily work. Alumni association members work to help the department accomplish its mission and objectives.

“The Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association is a very significant partner for the Greer Police Department. They’re like a small army that assists us in carrying out many of our community functions and communicate to the public what we do as a department and why we do things a certain way,” Greer Police Chief Matt Hamby said. “We’ve had hundreds of citizens go through the Citizens Police Academy and they are invited to become active in the Alumni Association. We’re very grateful for their work.”

Additional Information

Feel free to visit our Facebook page for current news and events. The Association also welcomes questions and feedback to any officers.

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