Emergency Response Team (ERT)

ERT is an acronym for Emergency Response Team. The Greer Police Department ERT Team was formed in 1995 and formally incorporated into department functions in 1997. The Team handles approximately 10 to 15 calls per year that are not otherwise resolved by patrol. The Crisis Negotiation Team works closely with the ERT Team.

Staff Requirements

The team consists of specially trained officers chosen from all sections within the Police Department. ERT members must be patrol officers for two years before applying to join the ERT Team. They must have high academic, physical endurance, and shooting skills records to even be considered. Physical endurance and shooting skills weed out many applicants. All members have expert shooting skills, and many have years of specialized training.

Support Unit

ERT is a support unit for the patrol division. When a line supervisor requests the ERT Team - two ERT members are normally on site within 15 to 20 minutes. The remainder of the team is normally on site within 25 to 35 minutes anywhere within the City of Greer. ERT is generally broken into three elements: Perimeter / Containment (Marksman), Entry, and Command.

Response Categories

ERT responds to eight main categories of calls:

  • Barricaded Subjects - Armed Subjects barricaded against arrest

  • Dignitary Protection

  • Heavy Arrest - Arrest of multiple armed felons in a fortified location

  • High Risk Warrant Service (Drug search warrants, etc.)

  • Hostage Situations

  • Missing Person Searches

  • Sniper

  • Special circumstances (Riot suppression, etc.)