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Victim Assistance

Victim Advocate

The Victim Advocate provides assistance to victims and witnesses of crimes that occur within the City of Greer. The victim advocate gives support and information to victims and witnesses as they navigate through the criminal justice system and legal process. The victim advocate can be a liaison between and officer and prosecutor. Also, the victim advocate can assist a victim or witness with resource information. Lastly, a victim advocate can provide transportation for a victim if they need to go to a shelter or need assistance with court.

Victim’s Bill of Rights

On January 1, 1998, the Victims Bill of Rights became part of the South Carolina Constitution. The rights enumerated in the following, therefore, are constitutional rights afforded to individual crime victims:

  1. To be treated with fairness, respect and dignity and to be free from intimidation, harassment or abuse.

  2. Be reasonably informed when the accused or convicted person is arrested, released from custody, or has escaped.

  3. Be informed of and present at all criminal proceedings which are dispositive of the charges where the defendant has the right to be present.

  4. To be allowed to submit either a written or oral statement at all hearings affecting bond or bail.

  5. To be heard at any proceeding involving a post arrest motion, plea or sentencing.

  6. Be reasonably protected from the accused or persons acting on behalf of the accused throughout the criminal justice process.

  7. To confer with the prosecution before the trial, or before any disposition, and be informed of the disposition.

  8. To have reasonable access after the conclusion of the criminal investigation to all documents relating to the crime against the victim before trial.

  9. To receive prompt and full restitution from the convicted person or persons.

  10. To be informed of any post-conviction action or hearing and be present at any hearing.

  11. To a reasonable disposition and prompt and final resolution of the case.

The law does not apply to commercial victims.