Dooley Field drone shot

For the second year in a row, the Greer Football team will hold onto the Golden Spike Award.

“It’s what football in competition is all about good competition good sportsmanship,” Greer Principal Justin Ludley said.

The award signifies the winner of the rivalry game between Greer and Riverside each year.

“I think it’s great it’s across town rival been renewed the last couple of years, which is wonderful, so generating some excitement in the city with the award,” Ludley said.

Providing some of the biggest excitement under the lights throughout the season.

“We’re real proud of our kids were proud of both teams last two years these games of month region championship,” Ludley said.

And the Golden Spike isn’t the only thing on the line with this game.

“Obviously, winning the game and getting the number one seed trumps anything but will be happy to hold onto it for another year,” head football coach Will Young said.

Greer ultimately coming out on top again this year, beating Riverside 42-21.

“This rivalry will keep picking up and will have good football for years to come so we’re excited,” Ludley said.