UDO flyer

The City of Greer is working to adopt a new Unified Development Ordinance and an updated zoning map. Many people who are homeowners or residents may be wondering what this means for them.

“For those of you who already own a home who have developed property there will be really minimal changes because your site is already developed,” Planning Manager Ashley Kaade said.

Planning manager Ashley Kaade is part of the team perfecting the new plans. She sat down with a handful of residents to get their opinions on the process.

“I thought Ashley did a great job of taking some very technically information and really breaking it down so it’s in understandable language for me,” first time homeowner Alison Rauch said.

Her take on the upcoming changes?

“I think the UDO is going to provide a simplified document so people can do business with the city of Greer a lot better and allow for that positive growth that everybody is looking for in the city,” Rauch said.

“No surprises from the standpoint that everybody at city hall has always been so full disclosure of things and I loved it,” resident Mark Travaglini said.

Resident Mark Travaglini appreciates the transparency in the process and says he’ll continue to keep an eye on the UDO as it nears completion.

“The fact that they are finally needed that they were deemed important enough to push ahead and let’s get this done,” he said.

Katie Garcia moved to Greer four years ago from California.

“So I do think it’s on the citizens you guys are doing your job you’re putting yourself out there we need our residents to come in and be involved,” she said.

She likes the idea that the UDO and zoning update will protect homeowners better.

“Greer as everybody who lives here knows has been growing super for the last 10 years and with that growth I think it’s really needed that we reinvestigate some of the codes that are going on,” Garcia said.

All in all, these residents say they understand why the changes are necessary, and hope the rest of the public comes out to the drop-in meetings in September to learn more and give their input too.

“So that so many people can come by and give their thoughts on this new ordinance I think that’s important for the people in the city of Greer to give their input,” Rauch said.

“I just try to encourage everybody to come in and be a part, be a part of your home,” Garcia said.