Cars driving on road

The City of Greer Engineering Department continues to look at ways to extend the life of the roads throughout the city.

"It basically protects the asphalt it just does it in a different way. it doesn’t penetrate into the asphalt," City Engineer Steve Grant said.

A recent project focused on two areas.

"Country Meadows subdivision up north and then down south below the interstate. It is the Bent Creek subdivision so it’s just two large subdivisions," Grant said.

HA5 is a surface sealant.

"It’s just on the surface and he keeps uv rays from the sun and water from deteriorating the asphalt," Grant said.

It's meant to make certain roads last longer.

"You put this on roads that are slightly older than the others the Reclamite is for roads that are  0 to 4 years old still very very new this particular product HA5. it’s for roads that are 4 to 12 years old," Grant said.

All at a cost savings to residents.

"It’s eight times the cost to mail an overlay so you get with this HA5 product to get 7 to 10 more years of life before you have to mail and overlay so it’s just extending the life for about three dollars per square foot," Grant said.