Cover Photo: Greer has Unanimously Passed it's UDO

The City of Greer would like to share groundbreaking news that will shape the future of our city! In a unanimous decision, the City of Greer has officially passed a brand-new Unified Development Ordinance (UDO) that will transform and elevate our community in exciting ways.

What is the Greer UDO?

Local governments play a crucial role in fostering the well-being of their communities, and the Greer UDO is a giant leap toward achieving this goal. A Unified Development Ordinance consolidates zoning and development regulations into a single, comprehensive document. Instead of navigating through separate ordinances, the Greer UDO streamlines the process by combining the existing Zoning Ordinance and Land Development Regulations (LDR). For more detailed information, click here.

What Does the Greer UDO Bring to the Table?

The City of Greer is dedicated to implementing a vision for the future, and the newly approved UDO is a testament to that commitment. This revolutionary ordinance addresses a multitude of factors crucial for the growth and prosperity of our community:

  • New Zoning Districts: The UDO introduces innovative zoning districts tailored to our community's unique needs.
  • Development Regulations: Expect positive changes in the regulations governing:
    • Uses allowed on the property
    • Lot sizes
    • Setbacks
    • Building/structure heights
    • Density
    • Architectural standards
  • Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs): Residential districts will now have the option to incorporate Accessory Dwelling Units, enhancing housing opportunities.
  • Enhanced Buffering: Experience improved buffering measures between residential areas and more intense land uses for a harmonious living environment.

Why is the Greer UDO a Game-Changer?

This unified ordinance is not just a paperwork shuffle; it is a strategic move that aligns with the City’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan and the Downtown Walking/Bicycling Master Plan. The Greer UDO is a vital implementation tool that brings the community's vision to life by providing a cohesive, streamlined, and easy-to-navigate document.

The proposed UDO covers a wide range of topics and standards, ensuring a comprehensive approach to development. From review procedures and zoning districts to development standards like parking, signage, architectural design, and definitions—every aspect is thoughtfully addressed.

This transformative UDO applies to land within the City’s corporate limits, as identified on the official city limits and zoning map.

What’s Next?

The approved UDO is a catalyst for change, setting the stage for a growing and well-planned future. Keep an eye on our city's website for further updates and details on how the Greer UDO will shape our community for generations to come.