Greer Police Lights

You may notice the Greer Police Department vehicles with lights on driving through the area.

“Our officers sometimes patrol around town with what we called cruise lights on. It is the blue lights on their vehicles that are turned on that are steady,” Lt Chris Forrester said.

Lt. Chris Forrester says this is for a few reasons.

“They are able to ride around and be more visible during night time and sometimes during the day,” Forrester said.

And can also help prevent crime.

“It allows for them to be seen and for it to deter any individuals that might be up to no good,” Forrester said.

So, what should you do if you see an officer with their cruise lights on?

“They don’t need to move over out of the way they’re not being pulled over those officers are not headed to an emergency situation there just out, patrolling and doing their routine duties,” Forrester said.