City of Greer Fire Awards

The City of Greer Fire Department recently recognized its staff for the work they do throughout the community.
“People need them they’re their people don’t need them they don’t know that they’re there,” Chief Dorian Flowers said.
Chief Dorian Flowers says it’s a way to make sure they know they are appreciated.
“It’s very important for us to try to recognize them during a formal event like this where we can actually show what they do,” Flowers said.
The awards included promotions, special recognitions, and company citations, which celebrate a positive interaction with members of the Fire Department outside of heroism.
“It’s not a flashy emergency response. It’s not putting the fire out. It’s not the medical things. Sometimes it’s those other little things that they do to go above and beyond to try and take and help the community and be a better place,” Flowers said.
Additionally, the Greer Centennial Lions Club gives its own Firefighter of the Year award.
“We think it’s well worth it to recognize these individuals for the hard work that they are doing,” Jack Lucas, President of the Greer Centennial Lions Club, said.
It’s the second year of the award, and the club hopes to continue it for years to come.
“We decided to reach out and see if there was something we could do to create a lasting partnership with them,” Lucas said.
And it doesn’t have to stop at these awards. Chief Flowers says the public can make a difference too.
“On the street they don’t have to be on a call or anything like that. They see them on the street they see them out in the community. Just a simply a thank you goes along ways. It’s really amazing,” Flowers said.


Dillion Blackwell - Lieutenant - Greer Centennial Lions Club Firefighter of the Year

Chandler Bradshaw - Firefighter/EMT - Firefighter of the Year

Chase Bradshaw- Engineer - Engineer of the Year

Taylor Graham - Lieutenant - Officer of the Year

Alston Blanchard - Battalion Chief - Chief Officer of the Year

Cathy Mayer - Tele-Communicator - Tele-Communicator of the Year

Anthony Batycki  - Paramedic - Employee of the Year

Julia Davis - Engineer - Company Citation

Allison Nelson - Paramedic - Company Citation

Natasha Blackwell - Paramedic - Company Citation

Raymond "Scott" Tompkins - Lieutenant - Company Citation

Drew Pitman - Engineer - Company Citation

Elisha Basnight - Firefighter/EMT - Company Citation

Dillon Blackwell - Lieutenant - Company Citation

Derrick Davis - Lieutenant - Company Citation

Chase Bradshaw - Engineer - Company Citation

Paul Brown - Battalion Chief - 25 Years of Service

Taylor Graham - Lieutenant - 20 Years of Service

Warren Douglas - Engineer - 20 Years of Service

Brian Collins - Lieutenant - 10 Years of Service

Tyler Collins - Engineer - 5 Years of Service