Greer police fist bumping child

The City of Greer Police Department is back spreading smiles this year at local schools.
“This morning is fit bump Friday it’s our very first fist bump Friday at Dunbar child development center,” Sgt. Ashley Wright said.
Fist Bump Friday is an initiative of the Community Outreach Division of the Greer Police Department.
“We started fist bump Friday at Chandler Creek Elementary school with the assistant principal there at the time,” Wright said.
It’s an outreach effort officers have been participating in for the last several years.
“We fist bumped at Chandler Creek for that entire school year first Fridays and from there it’s morphed into every school in the city of Greer,” Wright said.
Most recently at Dunbar Child Development Center.
“I think they’ve loved it and we’ve loved it too. I know the teachers have enjoyed having us here. The administration has been right here with us fist bumping everybody and the kids are phenomenal,” Wright said.
Wright says this is just one way officers in Greer work to connect with community members of all ages.
“First contact with a child where a police officer and it’s it’s a smile it’s friendly. It’s just an easy hello and it’s a wave for a child to get comfortable around an officer, so that they come to us in a time of need,” Wright said.