The City of Greer Economic Development Department is excited to announce the expansion of Little Me Academy.

“This is happening we’re going to have a new facility and we’re going to be able to help a lot more children,” Owner and Director Mandi Newton said.

Mandi Newton is the owner and director of the Christian preschool currently located in O’Neal Village. She says the expansion is a long time coming.

“So there’s a lot of times that I thought it’s just not going to happen. We’ll stay where we are. This is as big as we get,” Newton said.

Economic Development Director Reno Deaton spoke at the groundbreaking for the project, saying the mix of businesses in the city is what makes it special.

“So why is the city of Greer great while we do make BMWs but we also teach kids to learn some to think some to draw and paint sing and dance,” Deaton said.

“That’s what entrepreneurs do they see things that are good and they want to make them great they want to make them better,” Councilman Lee Dumas said.

City Councilman Lee Dumas echoed the sentiment.

“We all went to high school together, Greer supports Greer, we stick together,” Dumas said.

And educator Tommy Hughes says the new building will be filled with much more than just students and teachers.

“The possibility for young minds are endless, and it will be in this new facility,” Hughes said.

For Newton, surrounding by her friends, family, and teachers, this new start is a dream come true.

“I can’t even imagine. I just tear up thinking about it so I’m super excited,” Newton said.