Matt & Anna Bowes/Southern Growl Owners

“We felt something special about Greer. The people seemed friendlier, there is a historic aspect, several large corporations already call Greer home, and we saw the potential for growth in this area.”

- Matt & Anna Bowes, Southern Growl Owners

Loretta Smith, Marleylilly Human Resource Manager

“This area is just beautiful. The business community here is innovative and dynamic, and there’s room for growth…We have beautiful homes, great places to live, great schools. What more could anyone ask for?”

- Loretta Smith, Marleylilly Human Resource Manager

Inez Hannon, Prisma Health Manager

"You can move from anywhere to Greer, and if the scenery doesn’t captivate you, the people will. The people in Greer love where they are. They're caring and want to continue to grow and make the community better."

- Inez Hannon, Prisma Health Manager

Brandi Grier/Alexium International Principal Chemist

“I think the downtown area is amazing, and it's very family-oriented...This feels like home. It’s not the heavy traffic of a big city but not a small country setting either. It’s just right.”

- Brandi Grier, Alexium International Principal Chemist