Criminal Offense Qualifications

Article 15

For the purpose of complying with the requirements of Article 15, a criminal offense is defined as an offense against the person or an offense against the property of the person when the value of the property destroyed, or the cost of the damage is in excess of $2,000. Criminal offense does not include the drawing or uttering of a fraudulent check. 

Traffic Collision

Also protected under this law are victims of a traffic collision, in which the victim(s) suffers personal injury or property damages in excess of two thousand dollars and where the other party is charged with: 

  • Driving under the Influence (DUI)

  • Driving under Suspension (DUS)

  • Hit and Run 

  • Manslaughter

  • Vehicular Homicide

  • Any other offense resulting in incarceration.

Residential Burglary

Additionally, victim services will be provided to all residential burglary victims regardless of value of loss or cost in damages.