Golden Spike award

On Friday, under the lights of Dooley Field, Greer will take on Riverside in a hometown match up for the ages.

“It’s always a fun game. It’s a rivalry game that’s dated back for as long as I can remember,” Riverside Athletic Director Michael Pettit said.

“It just adds to the excitement of the inner-town rivalry,” Greer head football coach Will Young said.

Both teams getting ready for game day, and thinking back to last year’s show down.

“Kind of a crazy game when we got way down at half time and we’re able to battle it back and at least get it into overtime and then win in overtime,” Young said.

“Last year was a close one we lost in overtime hopefully this year we can be on the better side of it,” Pettit said.

Like most years, this game will also decide regional rankings.

“It’s a big game. So Greer sits 3-0, we sit 2-1 if we can go in there and win it will force a co-region championship,” Pettit said.

“It’s been real important the last couple of years because it’s decided the seeding in the playoffs for just about everybody in the region,” Young said.

And with the Gold Spike trophy coming back for a second year, the stakes are higher than ever.

“When they brought that thing out and we were on the wrong end of it I made it known that we want to hold that thing next year,” Pettit said.

“This is a big game for us it’s definitely a rivalry game for us because the kids know each other and the coaches know each other we all live in the same community and you know one way or another somebody from this community is going to win the championship Friday night,” Young said.