child receiving christmas gift

The Greer Police Department’s Cops for Tots is right around the corner.

“They get to walk through and pick out a lot of toys to take home, and just to see their face light up,” Chief Matt Hamby said.

But, they need your help to make the Christmas miracle possible.

“We’re just fortunate enough to be in a position to facilitate this event we absolutely depend 100% on the Greer Community,” Hamby said.

That help can come in many forms. From monetary donations, to donating actual toys.

“The best way to help us to donate money because we can take those funds and then we can go by the toys that are needed for certain age groups, and genders,” Hamby said. “Donate new and unwrapped toys so we can store some of that before hand there’s several toy drives across the city that help contribute to the program to Cops for Tots."

Drives like the Syl Syl Toy Drive happening on November 12 at the Clock.

“We enjoyed being able to help kids in the Greer area, and even in the Upstate that otherwise wouldn’t have a Christmas,” David Holtzclaw, son of Sylvia Holtzclaw, said.

The toy drive honors Sylvia Holtzclaw and her love for the Greer community.

“To see the joy on those kids faces when the police officers and everyone takes them around and they can pick out toys and know that we had a small hand and that really means a lot and I know it would mean a lot to her,” Holtzclaw said.

You can be part of the magic by making a donation this year by bringing toys to the police department, or even making a donation online.

“All of the toys are funded by donations, either by the toy, being donated or money, and cash sent our way that we can go buy the toys,” Hamby said.

“You can make a big difference very quickly very easily whether it’s one toy or you bring 1000 toys,” Holtzclaw said.