leaf collection vehicle

The fall season is upon us and that means more leaves falling from your trees. That’s why the City of Greer Public Services Department has a plan to keep streets clean.

“Each area will have a weeklong pick up window every month and that totals three collections for that November February window,” Public Services Director Travis Durham said.

Durham is talking about the loose leaf pickup program.

“It is an opportunity for residence to place those loose leaves at the curb at their residence. It is our suggestion to have them out there by 7 o’clock the Monday that your collection window is happening,” Durham said.

It all started as an effort to keep the city’s stormwater system clear.

“Where is a city realized that during the fall. In the winter. We were having a lot of leaf collection or leave accumulation in our stormwater system,” Durham said.

To make things easier for crews, follow some simple guidelines.

“Please only place loose leaves at the curb, and omit those sticks or trash, or anything of that nature,” Durham said.

People living in Greer should have receive a pamphlet in the mail explaining when their areas will receive pickup. You can also check that map on the City of Greer Website.

The pick-up schedule will also work around any upcoming holidays.

“We do work around Thanksgiving. We do work around Christmas and we do work around the New Year’s. It may just be that the schedules altered a little bit to fit that all in,” Durham said.