art gallery

The City of Greer Center for the Arts has a special art exhibit on display now for the holiday season.

“So we knew we’d have a lot of foot traffic a family is coming through the building and so I wanted to have family friendly artwork in the building at the same,” Cultural Arts Supervisor Robin Byouk said.

It’s the “Through the Eyes of a Child” exhibit, made entirely of student submissions.

“We have done student competitions as part of our juried art show annually, but this is our first solo student exhibition,” Byouk said.

She says they have been overwhelmed by the response.

“We thought we’d have like five pieces so we extended the deadline and we hung 88 pieces,” Byouk said.

Usually, it takes about 35 pieces of art to cover the gallery walls. Byouk has even added an extra room to accommodate all the pieces.

“I want art to be accessible to everybody we actually have several pieces of artwork from a special education class and a blind student submitted a piece of artwork also,” Byouk said.

The pieces won’t be judged like a typical juried art show either.

“We are going to have some staff picks that we will go through and the staff members will pick out their favorites and will be giving out some gift certificates,” Byouk said.

The artwork is up now for viewing, and Byouk encourages people to come take a look during the Gingerbread House Competition on December 5.