City of Greer's Christmas Parade

The Greer Christmas Parade is happening this weekend, and along with it comes plenty of preparation from City departments.
“For us it’s about a 32, 33 staff member project,” Public Services Director Travis Durham said.
Durham says his team is on the ground before and after the parade.
“Our goal is to have the parade conclude in the streets open, and it almost be like nothing ever took place,” Durham said.
You’ll see City staff at the very end of the parade making sure this happens.
“We following behind the parade from the time it starts moving and for us that is picking up with her it’s candy wrappers or streamers off of trailers are trucks are signs were paper it’s us picking up the trash that hits the road,” Durham said.
The Greer Police Department will be doing their part throughout the parade, and ensuring street closures happen swiftly to keep everyone safe.
“Just be mindful as you’re coming into town for the parade, or if you’re not coming in for the parade and just passing through to know that a large portion of West Point, that street will be shut down starting at 12:30 and then through the ending of the parade which should be around 4 PM,” Lt. Chris Forrester said.
If you are planning to attend the parade, there’s something you can do to help too. Durham asks that when leaving the parade, spectators wait until his crews have passed.
“If people could give my staff the opportunity for safety and the opportunity to have that road cleaned up, that would be great,” Durham said.
“We will not open the roads back up until after our cleanup crew has passed, which will be at the end of the parade,” Forrester said.
The goal is to make sure everyone can enjoy the parade and open the city streets back up safely.
“It’s taken a couple years of just trying to dial it in and get it just right and I think we’ve done a great job of the last few years of making it better for everybody every year that we do this,” Durham said.

Greer's Christmas Parade takes place on Sunday, December 3rd from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM.  The route is 1.1 miles; beginning at Poinsett Street & Memorial Drive and ending at N. Main Street & Cunningham Drive.